Mar 24, 2009

What IS That?!? (Or cute things my husband says)

"What does it look like?" I reply.
"Geez, I dunno. Some weird plant," says my husband.
"Well, yes, it's a cauliflower, of course!"
"What's it for?" he asks with a puzzled look.
"You hang it on your wall. It's a wall thing," I say knowingly.
"You aren't really gonna hang that on our wall are you?"
Silly boy. He should know me by now after more than 16 years together. Of course I'm gonna hang it on our wall. This ceramic cauliflower thingy is perfect for the kitchen. We squabble a bit about the cauliflower. The "whys" or "how much did it cost" (again, just a buck), there's a mention how it looks eerily like a cross...and such...the usual. It's now hanging on my kitchen wall. Where it belongs.
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