Mar 28, 2009

Books I'm Not Reading

I can't tell you why I'm always picking up books at tag sales. Tell you what, if you want me to buy your old books you've been trying to get rid of for decades, put a price like "10 for a Buck" or even "5 for a Buck" -- and then you'd have me cleaning up your book table. It doesn't make sense really. I hand my cash to you, I take my new literature collection home and then say to myself, "why why why?" Eventually I donate the books, full well knowing that no one else is ever going to purchase these books from me.

Here's a paperback I bought last season, "Wilt. Just like any other 7-foot black millionaire who lives next door." I did not make up that book title. This little literary gem was printed in 1975 (smells like it), and has many boring photos inside. On the back cover:
Wilt. On court or in bed, can't stand coming in second.
Look what I interesting pic of Mr. C, a very tall man with very short shorts. Frankly, I'm a little worried about the shorts here. You know why.

If you are interested in this book, please email me and I'd do my best to part with it for a buck or less, much less.

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