Mar 24, 2009

Sleepless in Tag Sale Heaven

Unable to sleep. I noticed this past weekend the crocus have sprung up. Purple and white leaves of hope for warmer days. But this morning it was in the low 30s (F). Cold. Teasing us with a beautiful weekend. I had my Michael Kors bag ready to take out on its maiden tag sale voyage last weekend...but what the heck, there wasn't a single sale going on. I tried to tell myself that Goodwill was only a town away and maybe I'd find some glass mixing bowls or McDonald's Batman glasses there. I didn't go. I stayed home and worked in the garden a bit, gathering dried leaves and withered plants. "Next weekend," I thought to myself, "there'll be tag sales next weekend." I'm gonna try to sleep now, knowing the cold will eventually change to warmth and tag sales are bound to happen. Soon.

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