Mar 24, 2009

$1 Italian-made cheese tray

You can't just wake up on Saturday morning and say to yourself, "I'm gonna look for a ceramic Italian-made cheese tray." If you do, you won't find it. That's the rule. (Now if you say, "I'm gonna find a never-used-before Thighmaster," then yes, you will find those by the dozens.) But Ital-made cheese trays? No. You'll need some dumb luck. Pictured here is one of my fav finds, for which I paid $1. It's ceramic except for the small wooden plank that sits in a rectangular indentation. The cheese spreader handles are also ceramic and made to look like apple slices. Under the tray it says Made in Italy. It's small, almost not worth using...but I do use it and I love it. (By the way, I've never bought a Thighmaster which would likely do me some good if I did own one AND use it).

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