Aug 27, 2009

Sept 12th - Palisado Ave, Windsor, CT - Mile(s) Long Tag Sale

Yup. We're doing it. So far I have about 12 families who are committed to Tag Sale Heaven to be held on Palisado Ave, mostly near the Historic District. This is going to be filled with glassware, toys, furniture, knicknacks, linens, housewares, books, antiques stuff, and other gems.

Rant time: my wonderful husband has been adding more and more items to the tag sale boxes we have in our garage, just waiting to be placed on a tag sale table. However, some of those items or beloved. By me. I've had to sneak them back into the house. I just don't get why he'd try to sell the kids' boxing gloves, an antique bed that I promise I will restore one of these days, the hanging cauliflower wall art I purchased at another tag sale, and other of my treasures. This just plain annoys me. I'm sure some of these items will find their way outside on the BIG DAY, but for now I'm holding onto them as much as I can for now. HMPF!

Confession time. I'm not happy about getting my neighbors together in rampant enthusiam for selling their wares. This is simply because I really just want to GO to their tag sales and buy buy buy. And I want to be the first person there. To be honest, I want their discarded items even before I've seen them. I know, I know, it's an issue with me. Heck, I just don't want to miss out on say, a great bargain on a rice cooker, another mannequin (male this time), antique Christmas ornaments or really cool frames for my artwork.

Check out the Palisado Avenue Tag Sale Heaven. But please save the good stuff for me:
DATE: Sept 12, 2009
TIME: 8am-1pm (or later)
ADDRESS: Palisado Avenue, Windsor, CT (cross street Poquonock Ave) - follow the fluorescent signs.
PLEASE FEEL FREE to post questions.
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